Vuvox rox

Vuvox is an amazing tool for creating multimedia pieces to share with your friends. It’s powerful, free, and taps into your Flickr account if you want it to. Here’s my first effort, a postcard presentation of a recent weekend trip to Athens. (Note: I probably shouldn’t have, but I used a Jarvis Cocker song as the background music. Mr. Cocker, please pardon me for borrowing: it was an irresistibly perfect accompaniment to our frat house adventure.)

[Dear Vuvox, you should make it easier to turn the sound off on embedded items. It’s kind of annoying. My creation is still over here.]

Reunion day

My first day off work in some time was really nice: a three-mile run, lunch with two old friends, one of whom I hadn’t seen in SIX YEARS, and a couple of completely random chance meetings with other folks I hadn’t seen in forever:

• First, the run. It’s been a while and I’m rusty, but it feels good. Took it nice and slow.

• Next, the lunch. Lara and I met our pal Dawn, the fourth and somewhat unwilling member of the original Swanky Panks line-up, for a lovely late Flying Biscuit breakfast. We were reminiscing about Fox days gone by when out of the blue walked in Mary Catherine, our old boss! It was great to see her, if only for a minute. We made a promise, and I’m putting it here in writing (even if no one reads it), that we’ll find Michele and bring everyone together for something in December.

• Lara dropped me off at the Midtown MARTA station on her way back to Athens. As I walked down the stairs onto the platform I spotted a fellow who looked really familiar, but I chalked it up to all the reminiscing I’d been doing and just kept on walking. But then he smiled at me! And guess who it was? Eric Berg! He was headed to the airport to pick up a band member for a recording session for the new KD Lang record (I know, right?), so I chatted him up all the way to East Point.

‘Dirty Dancing’ still perfect after all these years

It really holds up, you know? In the grand fashion of slumber parties gone by, Anne and I stayed up late Friday night eating pizza and idolizing Jennifer Grey’s oversized cardigans. And I’m happy to report that, 20 years after we fell in love the first time, the movie’s still darn good. It’s all about social justice, class warfare, finding yourself *and* tidy white Keds with rolled-up cut-off blue jeans. A few of my favorite things.