Stop-motion video

Here’s my first try at stop-motion video, an ode to the compost pile. This is my second take at Semanal, and I was kind of wracking my brain for an idea until I got this nifty book in the mail today: Multimedia Journal, by photojournalist and blogger Richard Koci Hernandez. It’s full of ideas and inspiration for multimedia storytelling projects. The first video project he suggests is a simple stop-motion animation. It’s ridiculously simple, so a nice way to jump on in.

First printing

One of my resolutions for 2008 is to try some new things. Tonight I gave printmaking a spin. Brennan and I picked up supplies at Utrecht this afternoon, carved the hell out of some linoleum, and ended up with a totally presentable first batch of prints. Mine’s the elephant, his is an adorable silhouette of Daisy.

Makeshift gallery