2011, a year in lists

10 things I’ll remember

  1. Atlanta had real snow. For a week! And it made the whole city stand beautifully, silently, dumbfoundedly still.
  2. Our wild girl. Sweet little D. went to coyote heaven after 17 years in charge of everything. I think of her every time I walk in the back door and probably always will.
  3. Lila-as-Vanna. I did a product demo on stage at Google, which is pretty much a rite of passage for people in my line of work. I have no memory of my time in the spotlight other than a faint sensation that my eyes were OPEN VERY WIDE. Not unlike a deer in headlights, you might say.
  4. Bike commute sunsets. I bought a very adorable commuter bike and rode it back and forth to work quite a lot, and when summer evenings got very warm, fantasized about getting a pool and diving straight in at the end of a ride, bike and all.
  5. Unicorns and rainbows. B. took me with him on a work trip to Ireland, and we spent most of the time tooling around the spectacularly lovely countryside. One day I woke up to a magical rainbow atop some cliffs outside my hotel window. Another day we spotted white horses roaming free in a national park. It’s hard to make out in the photograph, but there’s totally a horn on that one in the front.
  6. iReport turned 5. And I wrote a story about it on CNN.com. And launched a totally new version that Stephen Colbert decided needed to be lampooned. My baby’s all grown up and I’m mighty proud of it.
  7. Thirty five. I turned 35 and also lost as many pounds. I’d made a resolution in January (the same one as each of the oh, say, five years previous) that I’d take better care of myself. Get some exercise and sleep and eat like a grownup. And this year I actually did, perhaps egged on by the mental crisis surrounding my advancing age. (I am officially halfway to seventy!) Whatever. I’m 35 and hott with two t’s, yo.
  8. Munich-Paris-London-Berlin. It was an epic work trip (really, how lucky am I?) with a great deal of adventure worked in on the sides, including lots of opportunities to dust off my severely out-of-practice German. The only thing the trip was missing was sleep, but I’m happy to save that for a rainy day.
  9. Brennan vs. the SUV. Some asshole in a black SUV hit Brennan while he was biking home from work in November, knocking him out cold and breaking four of his bones, and then drove off. After three stays in the hospital and a round of new bed linens and pillows, B. is finally getting back to being himself again. We’re lucky, really, and ever so thankful for helmets and the sweetest friends and family.
  10. Christmas at the White House. I couldn’t help but be giddy about receiving an invitation to a holiday reception at the White House. We got to sit on the furniture and even had our photo taken with the Obamas, who are both exceedingly tall and beautiful.

Books I read

  • The Art of Immersion: How the Digital Generation Is Remaking Hollywood, Madison Avenue, and the Way We Tell Stories (Frank Rose)
  • Bossypants (Tina Fey)
  • A Visit from the Goon Squad (Jennifer Egan)
  • What I Talk About When I Talk About Running (Haruki Murakami)
  • Rogue Island (Bruce DeSilva)
  • Juliet, Naked (Nick Hornby)
  • Let the Great World Spin (Colum McCann)
  • The Paris Wife (Paula McClain)
  • Just Kids (Patti Smith)
  • Stone Arabia (Dana Spiotta)
  • Priceless: How I Went Undercover to Rescue the World’s Stolen Treasures (Robert K. Wittmann)
  • The Adults (Alison Espach)
  • The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court (Jeffrey Toobin)
  • Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us (Daniel H. Pink)
  • The F***ing Epic Twitter Quest of @MayorEmanuel (Dan Sinker)
  • 1Q84 (Haruki Murakami)

Total: 16

Fiction:Nonfiction :: 9:7

Men:Women authors :: 10:6

Trips I took

  • January: New York
  • February: San Francisco, New York
  • March: Austin, Texas; Ellijay, Georgia
  • April: San Francisco, Washington, DC
  • June: New York, Ireland
  • July: Portland, Yellowstone & the Grand Tetons
  • July: New York
  • August: Reynolds Plantation
  • September: Boston
  • October: Munich, Paris, London, Berlin
  • November: New York, Reynolds Plantation
  • December: Washington, DC; San Francisco; Red Top Mountain State Park

Total: 20

Work:Pleasure :: 14:6

Top cities: New York (5x), San Francisco (3x), Washington DC (2x)

Music I listened to most (really?!)

  1. Aloha
  2. The Dodos
  3. Animal Collective
  4. Fruit Bats
  5. Grizzly Bear
  6. Phosphorescent
  7. The Black Keys
  8. Band of Horses
  9. Beach House
  10. Paul Simon